Thursday, November 26, 2009

Family Events

Dedication of Baby at the Church

What a blessing it was to present baby in the Church. Pastor M presented the family to the Church and told our story. The whole congregation extended their arms to pray for baby and his upcoming surgery. It was very special.
La dedicación de bebé en la iglesia estuvo muy linda. El Pastor nos presentó a la congregación y todos oraron por nosotros y por la cirugía de bebé.

My Birthday
Mi cumpleaños

Thanksgiving relaxation...

We decided not to do anything today. Baby was still sick and R too... Friends invited us over for dinner but we decided to just rest. It has been an incredibly relaxing day... Hubby took care of the baby most of the day. I slept like a bear and watched English movies and knit. Now this is what I call "vacation". I am so thankful that my husband does not make me cook like a slave in a day like this. He is so kicked back and we feel the same way about holidays like this in the sense that we don't feel we have to follow the crowd. We are both revels! We like to do things our way and just whatever we feel like despite the rest of the world. I love that!

Since my last post something amazing happened. New neighbors moved in the house next door... I was worried about homeschooling R because she didn't have any friends... and just like that, like an answer from God came little A. Our new friend and neighbor. I have never seen two kids that get along so well and have so much in common like R and A do. It amazes me!! Only God could have orchestrated this! Her parents are the nicest people and she is such a good girl. I am in awe!

Here they are in their sleep-over last Friday. They played hide and go seek in the dark, computer games, board games, you name it! They had a blast all day long and in the evening.

They even go together to Awanas on Sundays.

Isn't God amazing? Just in my last post I was expressing how concerned I was and that maybe I would have to stop homeschooling... and now, wow! What an answer! What an amazing way God has to show me that He knows my needs and that He has the power to fulfill them beyond all my expectations! We serve a powerful God!

Esta es A la nueva vecinita y amiguita de R. No puedo creer como Dios contestó a mis oraciones en una manera tan perfecta y eficaz. Nunca he visto dos chiquitas que se llevan tan pero tan bien. Qué grande que es el Dios que servimos, que conoce nuestras necesidades y las suple más allá de nuestras expectativas!!