Monday, April 27, 2009

We made more shirts!!! / Hicimos mas camisetas!

We made more shirts. This time we made a Star Wars one, i-Carly, Lizzie McGuire and another Power Puff Girls shirt. I wish I had used a white shirt for the i-Carly one, it does not really look good over pink. Also, I didn't quite follow the directions for the back of the Star Wars shirt and I messed up the lettering. But overall I am very happy and so is R. 

The shirts were only $3 and cents at Michael's and the quality is really good. 

Hicimos más camisetas con transferencias y la plancha, hicimos una de Star Wars, una de Lizzie McGuire, i-Carly, y otra de las Power Puff Girls. Quedaron muy bien y a R le encantan. Las camisetas solo me costaron como $3 así que al final salió cada una como en $6. Super barato!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

12 month check up / Cita del año

Good news: 
22 pounds and 30" long, for a steady 50% percentile. 

Not so good news: 
According to the doctor and my description of Ian's recent behaviors we are starting the "terrible two's" one year earlier :-(

Here is what he is doing:
He refuses to take naps and wants to be active all the time, exploring, etc.
He tantrums when we don't let him play with the computer or don't do what he wants.
He shakes his head "no".
Pulls EVERYTHING out of drawers and shelves.

She said it's going to hard, but I am just thanking God he is so smart and social little boy! Even though I feel exhausted most of the time... She thinks Ian is very smart judging by they way he interacts with his environment, but that he probably be a strong will type of personality. Great! just want I needed, another strong willed child!

She also gave me great advices, for the nap taking refusal to take him into a quiet room several times a day to lay down or rock him on a chair to try to get him to rest a little bit. And for night time to start giving him a "comfort item" like a blanket or a teddy for going to bed with the purpose of providing a transition item in the future. He rights now wakes up every two hours to nurse a little and goes back to sleep, this is not a hunger issue since he barely nurses it is just using the breast feeding as a way to go back to sleep when he wakes up. We all have deeper periods of sleep and lighter periods at night, so the idea is to provide an soothing item that can eventually replace the breast feeding. How come no one ever told me about this one before? I think it is a great idea!  

Buenas noticias, Ian pesó 22 libras y midió 30 pulgadas. Todo consistente con el promedio de 50%. Le conté a la pediatra todo lo que está haciendo y basado en eso, me dijo que él está entrando prematuramente en la etapa de los dos años. Esto son los cambios en su comportamiento: Se está reusando a tomar siestas durante el día, quiere andar explorando constantemente, me saca TODO de las gavetas, se enoja si no lo dejo jugar con la computadora y me hace un berrinche, y dice "no" con la cabeza cuando no quiere algo. También me dijo que seguramente va a ser un niño muy inteligente pero de voluntad firme y que seguramente será una etapa un poco dura... Felicidades! Es muy bueno pero también... agotador... pero Gracias a Dios!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One year milestones

Here with sister M, my baby turned one last weekend. He is wearing the shirt she gave him. (It's supposed to be a famous painting called "The caged bird") We had a great time eating cake just the family and grandma J. 

These are some milestones we have achieved at 12 months:
* Says da-da and ma-ma 
* Can walk holding furniture and walls
* Shake his head "no", specially when I offer him food :-( 
* Recognizes and loves everyone in the family and absolutely adores sister R. 
* Can turn the light on and off

Here are some very important milestones we still need to reach:
* Walking w/o holding anything
* Eating solids!!!! (yeah, this one is huge and so far he hates baby food)
* Sleeping through the night (please do it... sweetheart)

Tomorrow we will get a check up and I can't wait to know his weight and size, he seems huge to me... so at least the lack of solids is not really affecting him...

He did not have a clue what was going on on his birthday party. LOL So funny...

Este domingo pasado Ian cumplió un añito. Aquí está con su hermana M que le regalo la camiseta que lleva puesta, se supone que es una pintura famosa que se llama "el pájaro enjaulado". Ya se para agarrándose de los muebles, y dice da-da y ma-ma. Lo malo es que todavía no come comida, toda me la rechaza y dice que no con la cabeza, es gracioso pero a la vez me frustra un poco. También espero que duerma toda la noche pronto porque ya no aguanto las trasnochadas... Sin embargo le doy gracias a Dios de que está tan lindo,  tan gordito y tan saludable, mañana lo llevo a pesar a ver cuánto pesa...

Pobrecito mi chiquito no tenía ni idea de qué era lo que estaba pasando, JA JA JA

Power Puff girls shirt

R loves the Power Puff girls. I like getting her clothes with her favorite characters or shows... (I know... I spoil her...) but we could not find a PP girls shirt, so I found this iron ons at EBAy, she had a blast watching me make the shirt and she loved the fact that it was instant gratification... She said "I guess making shirts is way more easier than making dolls..." LOL 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Las Vegas was fun

We had so much in Las Vegas. We took lots of pictures. I post them in my Facebook page. Here are some of them. 

Do you know this feeling?

I haven't post for a while in part because we went on vacation but also because I messed up our router and I couldn't use the internet much. What happened is somehow my network became open and as I was trying to make it secure I created two networks which made the router really slow practically unusable. So, here I come very brave and self confident, with my all my computer sales person background behind, and try to fix  the problem by reseting the router. Sounded easy right? Wrong! The router went dead and no one could even see the networks anymore, great! Ever since then (about 2 weeks) I haven been visiting every single forum there is looking for a fix, I tried what they said and follow different post; turn off, turn on, wait 30 sec, turn off again, wait again, now turn on... I was going crazy and today I was ready to purchase a new router. I said to myself, this time I would buy the best router I can get, a MAC router (I love MAC). As I was researching for routers, I realized I paid $140 for the one I have, only a few months ago... So I thought: "If I could only fix this piece of c... cucumber" I could use the money to buy me a new digital camera... mmmm tempting....

So, I went to the LYNKYS support page thinking I would even pay a couple of twenties to get phone support. I found a live chat and started to tell them my problem. They told me what to do. I was not very hopeful, it was a bunch of more turn-on and off and wait directions, a bit different than the ones I had already tried... But still did, voila, I FIXED THE ROUTER !!!! I am so exited I could kiss that lady that gave me the directions... LOL 

I am so glad I didn't throw it away after all... 

Now I can start looking at cameras... Woohoo! The camera thing is all Zack's fault (Zack is my daughter's boyfriend), he came the other day and took some amazing pictures of Ian with his super duper $1,000 digital camera, when I saw the pictures he took, I made a sad face, sight, look at my humble CANNON Powershot A590 ($130), and almost threw it away right there on the spot... LOL Not seriously, I want to be abel to take great pictures of the baby so I am looking at different options.

Of course, I can't afford a $1,000 camera, but there are some awesome one out there for $250 or $300. I leaning towards Panasonic Lumix, I have read great reviews and my best friend had one she came to visit and I completely salivated over all the features it has... the quality of the zoom also was amazing... She was able to take the most fantastic pictures from the plane.

We will see now that I fixed the router... I might just be able to sell mine on Ebay and get a new one... Wooo hooo!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bad News...

We have really bad news, we lost Lula on Friday at the Market Place... R cried the whole evening... She was really into a comic book that I got her to encourage her reading and she dropped the doll in the parking lot. I think I will make another one, this time we will probably just leave it at home. We are going on a family vacation the whole next week, so I will have plenty of car knitting time. I have many things I want to knit so I will probably bring a sock project too. 

Remember the sock disaster? I frogged that sock and started all over again. I just turned the heel and will be done soon. I will post a picture of it when it is finished. 

It will be so nice to get away for a while... I can't wait!

I told Martha I would take on her loosing weight challenge... but I decided I better not. It is very tempting but I just want to go on vacation and relax. I don't want to worry about my weight right now. I do love the idea of having "accountability friends" for loosing weight online, it is a great supporting/encouraging idea. So I am going to post my weight and photo, but I will do it on my own pace, no hurries... In the mean time I will be cheering everyone doing the challenge. Go ladies!!!   

Malas noticias! perdimos a Lula en el parqueo del Market Place el viernes pasado. R estaba tan triste, no paraba de llorar... dice que la dejó caer por estar leyendo unas tiras cómicas que le compré. Creo que voy a tratar de hacerle otra especialmente porque nos vamos mañana de vacaciones a las Vegas y voy a tener mucho tiempo para tejer en el carro. También voy a terminar las medias que comencé, mejor dicho las que estoy arreglando del otro día que quedaron grandes, las deshice y ya casi termino la primera, en cuanto la termine pongo una foto. 

Pensé en aceptar el reto de unas amigas por el internet de perder peso en dos meses, a ver quién pierde más, pero la verdad es que ahorita solo quiero relajarme, difrutar las vacaciones y no preocuparme por eso, voy a poner mi foto y el peso aquí en mi blog pero sin ponerme un plazo, simplemente voy a intentar hacerlo a mi propio ritmo... Me parece que es una fabulosa idea apoyarse por este medio para perder peso, la idea es que todos los miércoles pongas una foto de la váscula en tu blog para ver si has perdido peso... la que pierda más peso en dos meses se gana un premio... Qué lindo y qué motivante, poder inspirarse de esa manera para perder peso!