Thursday, April 20, 2006

What's next ?

My next two projects will be the Short Sleeve Pullover by Mari Lynn Patrick featured in Vogue Knitting Spring / Summer 2006, page 70 (right) and the Sueter with Honeycomb Pattern featured on the cover of Rebecca No 29. I can't wait to make those !

Estos serán mis próximos proyectos. No puedo aguantar las ganas de hacer estas dos blusas!

Silk Summer Top

This is the project I am working on right now. The back of the top complete. I got inspired to make this project by a pure silk yarn I have gotten last year from India. I had no idea if I was going to have enough yarn but to my surprise I made the entire back in size S with only one hank ( I have 3 more). I combined the yarn with some Moda Dea Tutu in the same color that I found in my stash and made a wave pattern with it at the base of the top. It is hard to appreciate the wave pattern in the picture though.

Este es el proyecto en el que estoy trabajando ahorita. La parte de atrás está terminada. La lana fue la que me inspiró para diseñar esta blusa. Era una lana de pura ceda que compré en Ebay de la India. Es de color turqueza. La combiné con Moda Dea Tutu que es una lana con tiritas de papel gindando también en el mismo tono de turqueza. Tenía miedo de que no me iva a alcanzar pero para mi sorpresa me tomó solamente una bola para hacer la parte de atrás en talla Pequeña. (Me quedan 3 más) La lana con tiritas forma un patrón de olas en la base de la blusa. (foto a la izquierda) Aunque es un poco dificil apreciarlo en la foto.

Heather Heart Sweater

I am very proud of how it came up, but I still need to rip the neck and do it again reducing the number of stitches to give it a nicer shape. I also have to do more work in calculating the sizing as the sleeves turned out a bit too long for Rachel. And also... I have to write the pattern which is everywhere in my different little note pads that I have around the house. :-(

Jelly Bean Polo Baby Sweater

This sweater takes exactly one ball of Lion Brand Magic Stripes for the size 3/6 months. It is not finished. I want to do some embroidery in the wider stripes in the front of the sweater and still have to waive in the loose ends and of course... write the pattern. That is, if I manage to find all the notes I have around the house.

Designer in progress...

Here I am... A frustrated knitting designer or a designer in the early states... I am not so sure but I do like to design and have a notebook full of sketches of my designs. Lately, I finished one baby sweater, the Heather Heart Sweater and right now I am working on a summer top design. The drawing, the swatching, the knitting and ripping are all OK. My problem is with the writing of instructions which seems so boring... And take time away from the knitting itself. I find my self writing notes in different pieces of papers everywhere while I am knitting, hoping I will remember how I did this or that later when writing the instructions. I have to make an effort to write the pattern as I knit or my designer career will not get too far... LOL !

Aquí estoy yo la diseñadora frustrada o la futura diseñadora en proceso, no se. Ultimamente eso es lo que he hecho diseñar. Hice un suerter the bebé, un sueter para Rachel de corazones, y ahorita me estoy haciendo una blusita de verano en ceda pura. Me encanta todo el proceso de diseño, dibujar el proyecto, hacer las muestras, tejer, deshacer y volver a empezar, medir, todo eso no me importa. El problema es que me da mucha pereza apuntar las instrucciones porque es aburrido y me quita mucho tiempo de tejer que es lo que en realidad quiero hacer. Bueno, voy a tener que diciplinarme a escribir el patrón mientras tejo o de lo contrario mi carrera como diseñadora no llegará muy lejos.