Thursday, April 26, 2007

A pair for R

I was able to make a sock for R with the left over yarn of one ball. This one fits perfectly which was not the idea since I was hoping she could wear it next winter. She won't be needing wool socks for a while now that the Summer is around the corner... Oh well...
Con la lana que me sobro le hice una media a R. Apenas le quedo. Eso no era la idea, segun yo le iva a quedar grande para que le sirviera el proximo invierno, pero ni modo.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

JOJOLAND Quartette Socks

[click on picture to enlarge]
Date Completed: 4/21/2007
Pattern: Wendy's Generic Toe Up Sock Patttern using 56 St instead of 60.

Yarn: JOJOLAND Quartette 80% Merino Wool, 20% cashmere

After completing the heel, knit 10 rows, divide the needles in a way that needle 2 and 4 have the six stitches in the middle of sides of the sock plus 8 more if you are using 56 St. Total= 14 in each needle, or 9 more if you are using 60 St. Total =15 St in each needle.

In this way, the 6 St lace pattern will start with the first St of needle 2 and needle 4.

ROW 1: K1, yo, sl1 K1 psso, K1, yo, sl1 K1 psso.
ROW 3: K2, yo, sl1 K1 psso, K2
ROW 5: K3, yo, sl1 K1 psso, K1.
ROW 6: Knit.

These 6 rows form the lace pattern. It is very easy to memorize, therefore is ideal for carry arround projects like socks.

Rebecca 29/9 progress...

Not a lot of progress with my Rebecca 29/9. Today I attached one sleeve. I like it though. Slowly but surely...
No ha habido mucho progreso con la blusa de Rebecca 29/9. Hoy cosi una manga. Voy despacio pero seguro. Je je.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Look at what I found !

I have been wanting to make this bag for a while. I was looking at the kit at a website for almost $60. Guess what? The patter can be found free at this address:
The gauge is 20 st=4" which means Patons Classic Merino would be a great substitute and would take the cost down to half. I am going to start it soon...
Vean lo que me encontré! hace días que quiero hacer esta carterita pero el kit del patrón y la lana son carísimos... casi $60. Lo encontré gratis en este dirección:
También me di cuenta que podría sustituir la lana con Patons Merino y bajar el costo a la mitad. Qué emoción! A penas pueda me la hago. Verdad que está divina? Y ese verde aguacate es mi color favorito!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sock progress...

I didn't work on Rebecca today. Only the sock. I am almost ready to start the leg.
No hice nada de la blusa hoy. Trabaje solo en la media y ya estoy a punto de empezar a trabajar en la pierna.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Doggy frustration

Look what the new puppy did to Rachel's favorite handmade socks!!! I am so mad! Rachel loved this socks! I am debating on whether or not to fix it. I would have to rip it all the way to the ancle and finished with pieces of yarn. I am so mad!
Vean lo que hizo el perrito nuevo con las medias que le hice a Rachel ! Estoy furiosa, todo lo muerde! No se que hacer; si arreglarlas o no. Tendría que deshacerlas hasta el tobillo y terminarla con pedazos de lana. Mejor dicho volverla a hacer. Que cólera !

Second sock

While my Rebecca blouse blocks, I started my second sock.
Mientras que se bloquea la blusa, empecé la segunda media.

Almost done with Rebecca 29-n.9

I finished the second sleeve and here you can see the blocking process. I am planning in putting it together tomorrow. I am a little unsure about the finishing because it has a crochet edge and I am not exactly a expert in crocret. My knowledge is very basic. But we will see. I have to go buy the right size of hook first.
Ya terminé la segunda manga y en esta foto se aprecia el proceso de "bloqueado" que tiene el objetivo de hacer que el material tejido se quede con una cierta forma y medida. Ya espero poder coserlo mañana, aunque tengo miedillo de una orilla que lleva en crochet porque en eso no soy tan diestra. Vamos a ver como me va...

Thursday, April 12, 2007


This is Whishbone. It was really hard to take him a picture because it jumps around like a jumping bean. I think it is a mix of hunting dog with German Shepard or Rottweiler. They told us he won't grow much more. I hope so. Rachel and Mariel are crazy about him.

Este es el nuevo perrito, vieran como costó sacarle una foto porque parece un frijol saltarín... Creo que es un cruce de perro de casería y pastor o Rottweiler. Ya está un poco entrenado, se sienta y sabe a que lado de la acera debe caminar. Rachel lo adora y Mariel también está como loca con él.

Our new family adquisitions...

This is my new baby. It is a Honda Pilot 2007. What an awesome car! I am loving it so much!
My old car was 10 years old and it was costing too much money in repairs. God open the door for us to buy a new car and this is what we chose. It is a dark olive green.

We also got a new puppy. I can't believe how many petitions have been answered in the last couple of weeks... The poppy is something Rachel has been praying for but we did not have the money for that yet, we had other priorities. But yesterday a guy was walking him in front of our house while James was outside with Rachel and she immediately felt in love with it. The guys said he was looking for a home for the puppy, so we kept him. Yes! it came to our door! Isn't that amazing how God answers prayers? I will post a picture of the poppy later today.

Este es mi nuevo bebé, es un Honda Pilot 2007. Qué super carro! Me encanta! Mi carro anterior tenía 10 años y ya nos costaba más mantenerlo que hacer los pagos de un carro nuevo. Dios abrió la puerta para comprar un carro nuevo y escogimos este por las revisiones tan buenas que tenía. El color es verde oliva.

También tenemos un perrito. Rachel ha estado orando por un perrito pero no lo habíamos podido comprar porque teníamos otras prioridades. Un muchacho lo estaba paseando en frente de la casa cuando James y Rachel estaban afuera y nos lo ofreció, entonces nos lo dejamos. Es increible como Dios contesta las oraciones. Ahorita pongo una foto del perrito.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

First sock and first sleeve done

Here is my pretty sock. I made a simple lace pattern on the sides. It is very easy to memorize, in that way I can work on it even when I am not home without having to carry a pattern. I will post the pattern later. I made a picot edge but I will re-do it because I used size 2 needles thinking it was not going to be wide enough and it came out too wide. The other problem I had was the cast-off. The cast off was too tight. So I did a search online and found out a great stretchy cast off. You just k2tog then loose up that stich, knit it together with the next stitch, loose it up, put it back in the left needle, knit it together with the next stich, and so on until you are done. It is fast, and it works great!

My first sleeve for the Rebecca blouse is done. I most admit that I put it off for a few days becayse I was so frustrated with this, but it was not as bad. Maybe because I kind of got the hank of the pattern already. My only concern is that the sleeve looks kind of small, my upper arm is not fat but it is not skinny either. When I try it on, it feels a bit tight in the cable area around the arm. I was surprised that they casted on the same amount of stitches for both the small and medium sizes. I am a medium. Any ways, I am not ripping anything at this point, I just hope it works out once it is put together. If not, I will figure something out.

Ya termine una manga de la blusa y tambien una media. La manga no fue tan dificil como pense, seguro ya me estoy acostumbrando a este patron de la trenza, lo que si me parece un poco pequena alreadedor del brazo, espero que no me quede muy apretada. A la media le hice una puntada de encaje a los lados muy sencilla. Es facil de memorizar y por eso me gusta porque no necesito ver un patron para tejer y asi puedo andar la media en la cartera mientras que la voy terminando. La orilla era muy tallada entonces busque en el internet y encontre una tecnica excelente para que la orilla no quede apretada. Se tejen dos puntos juntos, luego se afloja es puntada y se pasa denuevo a la aguja de la mano izquierda, se teje ese punto junto con el siguiente, se afloja, se pasa denuevo a la aguja izquierda, etc. Es muy facil y produce una orilla flojita en lugar de la orilla tensa que generalmente se consigue con el "cast-off" normal.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Front is done!

Despite the frustration here it is the front of the Rebecca blouse. I actually finished on Wednesday but was unable to post. It is not perfect, I know I made a couple of mistakes, but I did not want to rip it. The problem with this cable pattern is that if you rip, you wouldn't know the order of the stitches in order to put them back in the needle, so unless you "unknit " stitch by stitch , chances are you are going to end up having to start all over again. This is what happened to me before. There is no way to figure out where to put the stitches if you rip. So, here it is, mistakes and all, since its not very noticeable, I don't care. I did notice however that the honeycomb is smaller than what it looks in the picture of the magazine even though I did follow the instructions as corrected in the magazine website. I didn't work in this project all weekend as I needed a "mental brake". Tomorrow my plan is to start with the sleeves. This weekend I just worked on my socks and made a lot of progress. I will post a pic as soon as the first sock is ready, hopefully by Tuesday.
A pesar de los errores aqui esta el frente de la blusa ya terminado. Cometi unos errorcitos pero no me importa porque casi no se notan y ademas, si lo deshago tendria que empezar todo denuevo, asi que nada que ver. Asi se queda. Ya manana empiezo con las mangas. No he hecho nada en todo el fin de semana porque estaba tan frustrada que solo trabaje con mis medias y este proyecto lo tire por alla en una esquina para darme un "descanso mental".