Friday, August 28, 2009


I started looking around for wool sweaters I can use to make longies for the winter. Longies are long pants made out of wool that work both as pants and
diaper cover during the winter. I was unable to find any wool sweaters at our local Good Will so, I decided to try to make them out of fleece. Fleece works just as well but you have to wash them more often. Not only I want to learn how to make them to save money but also because DS's measurements are so wide, it is really hard to find anything already made that fits well. His hips are really wide and his tights are very chunky. I found directions on how to make your own pattern in this website.

Of course, like I expected, I messed up the first one on different ways... plus I will need to adjust the initial measurements, but it is wearable as it is... I am sure I will get better as I practice.

Of course my cute model helps my pants look better... I left the length longer so he can grow into them.

I also started a knitted pair from a pattern called Itchy fingers. I have the ribbing done and just started knitting the body of the pants. Pictures coming soon.

Oh yeah and I finished the Berroco CISCO Hat on August 6... Here are some pictures:

This was supposed to be a gift but I think we will keep it... he he. It was somewhat of a confusing pattern, it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, if I do it again I will probably use a self striping yarn to avoid waiving in all the ends...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


That's it! The stains win, I loose! I give up! It is going to get too cold during the winter to try to sun them out anyways...

Ravelry Forums

I was bored one night and then... behold I discovered the forums on RAVELRY.COM and now I am hooked! I have been a ravelry member for a long time but never really care to look into the forums until just recently I decided to post two comments, one asking for help on yarn substitution for an Alice Starmore sweater I can't find the yarn for... and the other one related to my outrage that Patons decided to change the content of their Classic Wool, which used to be 100% soft merino, and now and without previous warning is 100% pure new wool, not guaranteed to be Merino... I mean the kind of stuff only nerdy knitters like myself would care about... Well it was so nice to read all the replies... I think I am having an "I found my people" moment... Love it! By the way my ravelry name is crpuravida if you care to find me there!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My holy time

My friend crunchymom inspired me to continue writing my blog... even if it is once in a while.

No matter how tired I am, I just need to have some quiet time to myself. Most of the time, this can only be done at night when everybody is sleeping... Yes, this takes time away from my sleeping but I just have to have it or I start feeling I am going crazy. It is a sanity issue. I call it my "Holy time". Usually during this time I read, or knit or watch one of my favorite movies, other times I just surf the internet for knitting patterns or stuff I need to buy.

I know I am not the only one. My oldest sister used to do it. When I visited years ago I was amazed how late she would stay up even though she had to wake up really early. Donna Dewberry from one stroke painting started to paint at night when her five children were little and she needed to do something at night to mentally-relax.

The only problem is that sometimes I enjoy myself so much that I loose track of time and stay up until dawn... This is NOT good, because the next day I am exhausted...