Friday, August 28, 2009


I started looking around for wool sweaters I can use to make longies for the winter. Longies are long pants made out of wool that work both as pants and
diaper cover during the winter. I was unable to find any wool sweaters at our local Good Will so, I decided to try to make them out of fleece. Fleece works just as well but you have to wash them more often. Not only I want to learn how to make them to save money but also because DS's measurements are so wide, it is really hard to find anything already made that fits well. His hips are really wide and his tights are very chunky. I found directions on how to make your own pattern in this website.

Of course, like I expected, I messed up the first one on different ways... plus I will need to adjust the initial measurements, but it is wearable as it is... I am sure I will get better as I practice.

Of course my cute model helps my pants look better... I left the length longer so he can grow into them.

I also started a knitted pair from a pattern called Itchy fingers. I have the ribbing done and just started knitting the body of the pants. Pictures coming soon.

Oh yeah and I finished the Berroco CISCO Hat on August 6... Here are some pictures:

This was supposed to be a gift but I think we will keep it... he he. It was somewhat of a confusing pattern, it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be, if I do it again I will probably use a self striping yarn to avoid waiving in all the ends...

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