Saturday, September 05, 2009

Life philosophy

Lately I had to make some though decisions regarding my life. Mainly I have been thinking a lot about the purpose of life, or more concretely the purpose of my life. I think that God is calling me to leave a more separate life. In a spiritual way that is. I have been reading a book called REVOLUTION in missions by KP. And at the same time I felt I needed to quit a long life friendship that was not positive for my spiritual life. It was a very hard decision, one that I had been considered for a few years, but did not have the courage to make until now. It is like God is talking to my life through these two events, making me think about my life and my purpose and the futile things we spend most of our time in.

I have gotten to a place where I am tired of pretending to be "normal". I don't think I am. I don't think any real Christian fits the worldly definition of normal. According to the world, I am weird. Because if I put God first and live my life as if only JESUS matters, that will definitely be weird. But I am convince that nothing matters, only Jesus, and falling in love with him all over again, going back to my first love, is all I want right now.

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