Sunday, September 06, 2009

More fleece pants and safety

I made another pair of fleece pants for Ian. This time I tried a wider waist strip. That worked out much better. Also added an "Elmo" applique on the back. Mainly because if I don't, daddy will keep putting the pants backwards... LOL! So now I can just say "remember Elmo goes on the back..." I used the option on the pattern to have a lower rise on the front. I don't expect daddy to notice the difference, so that will be Elmo's job. I am happy with the results and the fleece I got at Walmart for only $4 a yard is nice and thick. It didn't say it was "anti-pill" but I sure hope so.

On another topic, our friend Scott came to help us install the safety gate upstairs... I can not express how thankful I am, hubby and I were having a hard time trying to figure out all the pieces... Scott is so talented... he came, glanced at the instructions for a few seconds, and then installed the gate like it was nothing... Wow! Thank you so much Scott!! It is so nice to finally be able to let baby walk around upstairs without having a panic attack every time he is near the stairs... What a piece of mind...

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