Friday, September 11, 2009

Wood workshop

One of our home schooling friends put together a wood work shop. We have already made a jewelry box, a bird house and this time, we made a bird feeder. Although big sister has different plans for it, it came out so nice. I wish I had made my own so I can actually use it as a bird feeder.

As we get to meet more home schooling families, I realize that maybe I was not as weird as I thought, I just hadn't find "my kind". My husband used to tell me that I was the only woman who did this and that. Because I believe in breast-feeding on demand and as long as the child want to. Etc... But talking to other home school families, specially Christian families, I realize that there are many other moms like me who sleep with their babies and breast-feed for long periods of time. Many also avoid vaccination, etc. It is so nice to find other people with similar beliefs.

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