Saturday, September 26, 2009

Experimenting with wool interlock

I got the fabric on the mail and threw it in the washer for felting. It did felt quite a bit. The description in the website said it wouldn't felt that much. Well I lost 3" from the wide, and 8" from the length! That is a lot! Especially if you are paying about 80 cents per inch! This was my second experiment. These shorties that I got from Ebay are good but the waist was very bulky and thick and the cord never seemed to be tight enough to hold the pants in place. So I stitched a line right below the ribbing and then... cut it! This was the first time that I cut knitted fabric. Unlike most people would think the knitted stitches do not get undone as long as you stitch them first. I then added the elastic interlock waist and voila! My new favorite shorties!!

The next two pictures (brownish color pants) are from my first attempt to make longies. The ones at the left came out too big. The directions didn't say to trim the edges so I used all the fabric on the arms and it ended up bunching up like this. The problem was that I was working with an XL size sweater, so the sleeves were too wide. So I went ahead and cut the little guy open again, trimmed the sides about 2 inches in each side trying to leave more space in the back for the buddy. The result was the picture on the right. Much better ha? However these are still a bit big on Baby, but that is OK. It was my intention to make the longies a size bigger because I do expect them to be wearable next winter.

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