Friday, September 11, 2009


Baby is getting so much fun! He is really starting to want to talk, he says things like "dog" "cat" "shoe" "teeth", etc... Funny because these are all words from his "Your baby can read" videos... Also I recently discovered that he can actually read some of those words. One day I had him on my lap and the word "wave" came up on the screen. Before they actually said the word he started to wave. I was very exited! but my husband didn't believe me so I questioned myself. Last week again I was watching the video with him in my lap, the word "dog" came up on the screen, before they said the word he said "gog". I couldn't believe it! The videos actually work!

Besides that he is doing so many other cute stuff. He loves cleaning, he loves wiping and sweeping the floor. I seriously need to get him his own toy broom so I can use mine... Today I was putting away my husband's clothes and he was very busy and quiet doing something. When I went to see he was grabbing his dad's socks from the drawer and one by one, he was putting them inside the toilet. The toilet was stuffed with folded socks! It was so funny I couldn't get mad.

But the best thing of all for me as a mom is, that he is finally eating food. At 15 months he finally shows interest for food and eats quite a bit, especially if I sit him on my lap. He loves cereal and chips, beans and meat, etc. This is very important because before now, he wanted to be nursing 24/7. Hanging from momma all the time...Of course! he was hungry all the time...
I feel can get more done now that he is eating as he can play on his own longer. I heard that many breast-fed babies are very slow to eat solids and even when they do, breast-milk remains their main food. This is the case with my baby.

The sleeping situation has gotten a lot better too. He only wakes up a couple of times now and he sleeps good 10 to 12 hours.

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