Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ravelry Forums

I was bored one night and then... behold I discovered the forums on RAVELRY.COM and now I am hooked! I have been a ravelry member for a long time but never really care to look into the forums until just recently I decided to post two comments, one asking for help on yarn substitution for an Alice Starmore sweater I can't find the yarn for... and the other one related to my outrage that Patons decided to change the content of their Classic Wool, which used to be 100% soft merino, and now and without previous warning is 100% pure new wool, not guaranteed to be Merino... I mean the kind of stuff only nerdy knitters like myself would care about... Well it was so nice to read all the replies... I think I am having an "I found my people" moment... Love it! By the way my ravelry name is crpuravida if you care to find me there!

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