Saturday, April 07, 2007

First sock and first sleeve done

Here is my pretty sock. I made a simple lace pattern on the sides. It is very easy to memorize, in that way I can work on it even when I am not home without having to carry a pattern. I will post the pattern later. I made a picot edge but I will re-do it because I used size 2 needles thinking it was not going to be wide enough and it came out too wide. The other problem I had was the cast-off. The cast off was too tight. So I did a search online and found out a great stretchy cast off. You just k2tog then loose up that stich, knit it together with the next stitch, loose it up, put it back in the left needle, knit it together with the next stich, and so on until you are done. It is fast, and it works great!

My first sleeve for the Rebecca blouse is done. I most admit that I put it off for a few days becayse I was so frustrated with this, but it was not as bad. Maybe because I kind of got the hank of the pattern already. My only concern is that the sleeve looks kind of small, my upper arm is not fat but it is not skinny either. When I try it on, it feels a bit tight in the cable area around the arm. I was surprised that they casted on the same amount of stitches for both the small and medium sizes. I am a medium. Any ways, I am not ripping anything at this point, I just hope it works out once it is put together. If not, I will figure something out.

Ya termine una manga de la blusa y tambien una media. La manga no fue tan dificil como pense, seguro ya me estoy acostumbrando a este patron de la trenza, lo que si me parece un poco pequena alreadedor del brazo, espero que no me quede muy apretada. A la media le hice una puntada de encaje a los lados muy sencilla. Es facil de memorizar y por eso me gusta porque no necesito ver un patron para tejer y asi puedo andar la media en la cartera mientras que la voy terminando. La orilla era muy tallada entonces busque en el internet y encontre una tecnica excelente para que la orilla no quede apretada. Se tejen dos puntos juntos, luego se afloja es puntada y se pasa denuevo a la aguja de la mano izquierda, se teje ese punto junto con el siguiente, se afloja, se pasa denuevo a la aguja izquierda, etc. Es muy facil y produce una orilla flojita en lugar de la orilla tensa que generalmente se consigue con el "cast-off" normal.

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