Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One year milestones

Here with sister M, my baby turned one last weekend. He is wearing the shirt she gave him. (It's supposed to be a famous painting called "The caged bird") We had a great time eating cake just the family and grandma J. 

These are some milestones we have achieved at 12 months:
* Says da-da and ma-ma 
* Can walk holding furniture and walls
* Shake his head "no", specially when I offer him food :-( 
* Recognizes and loves everyone in the family and absolutely adores sister R. 
* Can turn the light on and off

Here are some very important milestones we still need to reach:
* Walking w/o holding anything
* Eating solids!!!! (yeah, this one is huge and so far he hates baby food)
* Sleeping through the night (please do it... sweetheart)

Tomorrow we will get a check up and I can't wait to know his weight and size, he seems huge to me... so at least the lack of solids is not really affecting him...

He did not have a clue what was going on on his birthday party. LOL So funny...

Este domingo pasado Ian cumplió un añito. Aquí está con su hermana M que le regalo la camiseta que lleva puesta, se supone que es una pintura famosa que se llama "el pájaro enjaulado". Ya se para agarrándose de los muebles, y dice da-da y ma-ma. Lo malo es que todavía no come comida, toda me la rechaza y dice que no con la cabeza, es gracioso pero a la vez me frustra un poco. También espero que duerma toda la noche pronto porque ya no aguanto las trasnochadas... Sin embargo le doy gracias a Dios de que está tan lindo,  tan gordito y tan saludable, mañana lo llevo a pesar a ver cuánto pesa...

Pobrecito mi chiquito no tenía ni idea de qué era lo que estaba pasando, JA JA JA

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Terri said...

Happy First Birthday to Ian!