Thursday, April 23, 2009

12 month check up / Cita del año

Good news: 
22 pounds and 30" long, for a steady 50% percentile. 

Not so good news: 
According to the doctor and my description of Ian's recent behaviors we are starting the "terrible two's" one year earlier :-(

Here is what he is doing:
He refuses to take naps and wants to be active all the time, exploring, etc.
He tantrums when we don't let him play with the computer or don't do what he wants.
He shakes his head "no".
Pulls EVERYTHING out of drawers and shelves.

She said it's going to hard, but I am just thanking God he is so smart and social little boy! Even though I feel exhausted most of the time... She thinks Ian is very smart judging by they way he interacts with his environment, but that he probably be a strong will type of personality. Great! just want I needed, another strong willed child!

She also gave me great advices, for the nap taking refusal to take him into a quiet room several times a day to lay down or rock him on a chair to try to get him to rest a little bit. And for night time to start giving him a "comfort item" like a blanket or a teddy for going to bed with the purpose of providing a transition item in the future. He rights now wakes up every two hours to nurse a little and goes back to sleep, this is not a hunger issue since he barely nurses it is just using the breast feeding as a way to go back to sleep when he wakes up. We all have deeper periods of sleep and lighter periods at night, so the idea is to provide an soothing item that can eventually replace the breast feeding. How come no one ever told me about this one before? I think it is a great idea!  

Buenas noticias, Ian pesó 22 libras y midió 30 pulgadas. Todo consistente con el promedio de 50%. Le conté a la pediatra todo lo que está haciendo y basado en eso, me dijo que él está entrando prematuramente en la etapa de los dos años. Esto son los cambios en su comportamiento: Se está reusando a tomar siestas durante el día, quiere andar explorando constantemente, me saca TODO de las gavetas, se enoja si no lo dejo jugar con la computadora y me hace un berrinche, y dice "no" con la cabeza cuando no quiere algo. También me dijo que seguramente va a ser un niño muy inteligente pero de voluntad firme y que seguramente será una etapa un poco dura... Felicidades! Es muy bueno pero también... agotador... pero Gracias a Dios!

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