Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bad News...

We have really bad news, we lost Lula on Friday at the Market Place... R cried the whole evening... She was really into a comic book that I got her to encourage her reading and she dropped the doll in the parking lot. I think I will make another one, this time we will probably just leave it at home. We are going on a family vacation the whole next week, so I will have plenty of car knitting time. I have many things I want to knit so I will probably bring a sock project too. 

Remember the sock disaster? I frogged that sock and started all over again. I just turned the heel and will be done soon. I will post a picture of it when it is finished. 

It will be so nice to get away for a while... I can't wait!

I told Martha I would take on her loosing weight challenge... but I decided I better not. It is very tempting but I just want to go on vacation and relax. I don't want to worry about my weight right now. I do love the idea of having "accountability friends" for loosing weight online, it is a great supporting/encouraging idea. So I am going to post my weight and photo, but I will do it on my own pace, no hurries... In the mean time I will be cheering everyone doing the challenge. Go ladies!!!   

Malas noticias! perdimos a Lula en el parqueo del Market Place el viernes pasado. R estaba tan triste, no paraba de llorar... dice que la dejó caer por estar leyendo unas tiras cómicas que le compré. Creo que voy a tratar de hacerle otra especialmente porque nos vamos mañana de vacaciones a las Vegas y voy a tener mucho tiempo para tejer en el carro. También voy a terminar las medias que comencé, mejor dicho las que estoy arreglando del otro día que quedaron grandes, las deshice y ya casi termino la primera, en cuanto la termine pongo una foto. 

Pensé en aceptar el reto de unas amigas por el internet de perder peso en dos meses, a ver quién pierde más, pero la verdad es que ahorita solo quiero relajarme, difrutar las vacaciones y no preocuparme por eso, voy a poner mi foto y el peso aquí en mi blog pero sin ponerme un plazo, simplemente voy a intentar hacerlo a mi propio ritmo... Me parece que es una fabulosa idea apoyarse por este medio para perder peso, la idea es que todos los miércoles pongas una foto de la váscula en tu blog para ver si has perdido peso... la que pierda más peso en dos meses se gana un premio... Qué lindo y qué motivante, poder inspirarse de esa manera para perder peso! 


Martha said...

Yay I'm famous :)

Actually, I respect you even more because of your decision to say nay to the challenge. You did not submit to peer pressure, yay!

It is crucial that we start losing weight when we are physically and MENTALLY ready.

If we're not ready, we will end up gaining more weight :o) it's true!!

So take your time and I will be cheering you on :)

<3 Martha

Anonymous said...

Don't you hate it when something like that happens. Maybe the doll is bringing joy to someone who really needed her, and maybe your new doll will be ever more beloved. Hope your family has a great vacation!


Marlene said...

Hey Martha,actually this is good peer preassure! LOL But like you said,I will tackle it when I am ready! Thanks!

Marlene said...

Yes Terri,you are right! I would like to think the doll went to a deserving little girl... We are having a great time, hope you guys enjoy your Spring brake as well...