Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do you know this feeling?

I haven't post for a while in part because we went on vacation but also because I messed up our router and I couldn't use the internet much. What happened is somehow my network became open and as I was trying to make it secure I created two networks which made the router really slow practically unusable. So, here I come very brave and self confident, with my all my computer sales person background behind, and try to fix  the problem by reseting the router. Sounded easy right? Wrong! The router went dead and no one could even see the networks anymore, great! Ever since then (about 2 weeks) I haven been visiting every single forum there is looking for a fix, I tried what they said and follow different post; turn off, turn on, wait 30 sec, turn off again, wait again, now turn on... I was going crazy and today I was ready to purchase a new router. I said to myself, this time I would buy the best router I can get, a MAC router (I love MAC). As I was researching for routers, I realized I paid $140 for the one I have, only a few months ago... So I thought: "If I could only fix this piece of c... cucumber" I could use the money to buy me a new digital camera... mmmm tempting....

So, I went to the LYNKYS support page thinking I would even pay a couple of twenties to get phone support. I found a live chat and started to tell them my problem. They told me what to do. I was not very hopeful, it was a bunch of more turn-on and off and wait directions, a bit different than the ones I had already tried... But still did, voila, I FIXED THE ROUTER !!!! I am so exited I could kiss that lady that gave me the directions... LOL 

I am so glad I didn't throw it away after all... 

Now I can start looking at cameras... Woohoo! The camera thing is all Zack's fault (Zack is my daughter's boyfriend), he came the other day and took some amazing pictures of Ian with his super duper $1,000 digital camera, when I saw the pictures he took, I made a sad face, sight, look at my humble CANNON Powershot A590 ($130), and almost threw it away right there on the spot... LOL Not seriously, I want to be abel to take great pictures of the baby so I am looking at different options.

Of course, I can't afford a $1,000 camera, but there are some awesome one out there for $250 or $300. I leaning towards Panasonic Lumix, I have read great reviews and my best friend had one she came to visit and I completely salivated over all the features it has... the quality of the zoom also was amazing... She was able to take the most fantastic pictures from the plane.

We will see now that I fixed the router... I might just be able to sell mine on Ebay and get a new one... Wooo hooo!

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