Saturday, May 27, 2006

Setting Priorities

Guys, I have such a hard time choosing which of my planned projects to knit, remember in a past post I showed you "my next two things to knit", well scratch that, I was waiting for the yarn to knit the cabled shirt in Vogue Knitting and meanwhile got another yarn for another project so I started that, it is another project from another Vogue Issue made with FILATURA DICROSSA BRILLA. Oh! how am I loving this yarn !!! I heard of people saying they loved it and now I can see why. The fabric it produces is beautiful ! It has a great drape and such a fresh feeling and the colors are so nice. Anyways, I will try to take a picture of it as soon as I can as my camera perished in action...

The issue that I wanted to bring up is how to set priorities when you have such huge amount of projects you want to knit. I was thinking about this and decided that there is no point in starting a bunch of projects. At least I have found this very unproductive and it seems like you never finish anything. So, I allow my self to have two projects, one that is easy and portable and one that is harder and requires full attention. So, with that in mind, I am trying to use two criteria for choosing my next project. 1. How eager (exited) I am about this project and 2. Need.

I never thought about #2 before, until I read in a book about the importance of knitting based on need. So, I went to my closet and chose the colors according to what I need and also decided that I really need some nice tops to wear with skirts for church and stuff, so that is why I am knitting tops right now. I just finished the turquoise top and I am still finishing a top that I made last year from GEDIFRA Highlights 101. This top took me like 4 months to knit because of the small cables it has. It has was equally hard to finish it. Once it was finished (sewn together), I realized that the shoulder bands were too long, so I had to undo the shoulders 1.5 inches and sew them back together only to discover after blocking, that the arm opening needs more definition, so I am going to have to add a finishing border to it. Wow! So much work! I hope I can get to wear it some time soon.

I also force my self to work in finishing every other week. Right now I have 4 project awaiting finishing. So that is the only way I can get it done. I, like most knitters, HATE FINISHING!

Anyways, I wonder if other knitters go through the same questions when selecting the next projects and what parameters do they use to choose what to knit next once they finish a piece.

My mind is always in the search for new challenges and projects... So my motivation to continue working in what I have already started is the possibility of wearing the item soon. I also look at the amount of yarn I have used up and the amount of yarn left to motivate myself and keep me going ...

I wonder how other people deal with these issues...

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