Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And so to bed...

Hello friends, I haven't write in a long while waiting to have a camera to be able to show pictures. Blogs with out pictures are borring... right?

Well I still don't have a camera but couln't keep waiting to post... What's up ???

1- I have been buying tons and tons of old issues of Vogue Knitting, Knitters and Interweave Knits magazines... But I am getting to the end of this new obsession since some issues sell for more than $10 on Ebay and now I am officially broke! Although I have been able to collect a realli nice collection of magazines and pretty soon I will be posting here a list of what are the best issues in my opinion and what issues are not worth to buy...

2- I have been trying to work in finishing all the unfinished projects and added two new projects. One is the Frog Set of Hat and botties for my friend's baby (not yet born, but soon to come...)

Estoy haciendo este juego de gorro y escarpines de rana para una amiga muy querida que está a punto de dar a luz. Verdad que está tiernísimo?

Isn't it adorable ??? This is a free pattern available at :

I already made the booties and I am in the process of finishing the hat. I found the instrucitions a little bit off as the gauge is not clearly stated and I had to "frog" the booties to make them bigger. For the hat I am using 10 stitches more that what calles for toddler size, but again I am looking to get a baby size hat that will last at least a couple of winters. I am using doble strand of green sock yarn. Hopefully I will be able to post a picture soon as I finally ordered a new digital camera from Overstock.com .

I started a project from the book AND SO TO BED... It is the robe in the cover of the book. I also got the materials to make the doll shown in the cover but I haven't started that yet.

This book is sooo beautiful. I have an amazing collection of knitting books and I consider this to be the most beautiful one, the way it is lay out and the graphics is incredible. I actually enjoy looking at it with my 6 y.o. daughter very often. I am planning on making everything in this book.

Este libro es precioso. Lo considero el más bonito de todos los libros de tejer que tengo. Frecuentemente me gusta mirarlo con mi hija de 6 años. Planeo hacer casi todos los proyectos en este libro.

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