Saturday, November 03, 2007

I am back!

I am sorry I have been gone for so long... I do feel more tired at times because of the pregnancy but I am also busier as I am going every morning to school with R. She was not getting her work done during "individual work time" so I am going in there to help her and also help in the class. I am really enjoying it, although I won't be able to do it for too long...

My knitting is just not going at all and I have been wondering why? I thought that maybe I am loosing interest in knitting like I have seen it happen with some people I know that all of the sudden they just drop it forever. I thought this would never happen to me but the truth is, I am finding knitting very tedious lately. Then I realized that maybe I just an exited project to spice it up a little! See? My current project is sooooo boring. I have no interest whatsoever in it. It sounds terrible but it is true. It is a sweater for R that now I am not even sure I can finish in time for Christmas. I have completed the front and started casting on the back. But that is all. It has been sitting on my basket for 2 weeks now. The only reason started it in the first place is because I had purchase the yarn about a year ago and it has cost so much (over $100) that I did not want to waste it. The yarn is of various colors so it was not easy to sell on Ebay. No body wouldn't want it unless they wanted to make this exact sweater and if I sold the yarn by skein I would have lost a lot of money, so I went ahead and started the project with very little motivation. My guess is that very quickly I ran out of gas, and since I don't allow myself to start new projects until the one I am working on is finished, I would rather not knit at all.

I am starting to feel a little desperate to knit something else, and I have been even consider braking the "knit from my stash 2007 rule" and buy some yarn just get me even more exited! I don't know. On the other hand, I know for a fact that if I don't finish this sweater now, I won't ever do it. I really need to make myself finish it!

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