Monday, December 10, 2007

My knitting power is back!

I was afraid my knitting power was gone. I lost interest and I haven't knitted for a long time, except for a few rows here and there. But now I think my interest is coming back it came back to me with the Christmas smell... I think the problem I was having was the lack of motivation I have with my current project. The intarsia sheep sweater that I am making. It is soooo boring...

So, I decided to go ahead and start looking for a challenge that would bring my knitting power back. Here is what I found; a god's nectar drop of inspiration for knitters:

His name is "Douglas", you can find him in Rowan RYC Book #22, Classic Travel - This is new for Fall 2007 and features sixteen designs by Martin Storey. Isn't he gorgeous? ah... and the model is not so bad is it?

Just what I needed to recover my knitting mojo... LOL

Finally a sweater that has the potential to become my next Christmas present for J. For the next Christmas of course... This year I am just hating my current project and I have not make anything for anyone...

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