Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Best friends are one of the biggest blessings...

My best friend came to visit. We went on vacation and had a marvelous time. We have been friends for about 15 years. Our lives had been bounded by God, I truly believe that. Here are some of the things we have in common:
- Met at a small church in Costa Rica 15 years ago.
- Both of us were single mothers when we met.
- Our children were about the same age.
- We ourselves are the same age. 
- We got married years later and came to the US with our husband.

Coincidence? There is no such a thing when you believe in Jesus. When your life is in God's hands... I feel blessed to have such a close friend for such a long time. I hope we continue to be friends until we go to be with the Lord. Not a lot of people can experience a blessing like this. 

Thank you Jesus!

Mi mejor amiga vino a visitarme. Nos conocimos en Costa Rica hace 15 anos. Tenemos mucho en comun: la misma edad, las dos eramos madres solteras cuando nos conocimos, las dos nos casamos anos despues y vinimos a los E.U. con nuestros maridos, nuestros hijos mayores son de la misma edad, etc...  Coincidencia? No lo creo. Cuando tu vida esta en las manos de Dios no existen las coincidencias. Ella es realmente un regalo de Dios para mi vida. Gracias Senor!

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