Monday, October 19, 2009

Home Schooling Doubts

I think that all of us who home school have doubts from time to time. I have been thinking a lot lately about the possibility of putting R back in school next year. My head feels like spinning just to try to sort out the pros and cons of such decision. The only real reason I have to consider it is social in nature.

It is very different for families with several children. Siblings are a great way to socialize... but with R she only has "baby" and there is long ways to go before he can meet her social needs.

I have tried social groups and also play dates but those also have their prons and cons. I find myself tired at times in trying so hard to find play dates with children of similar age and interests to her. I feel tired of always been the one inviting people over but never getting an invitation from anyone else. Each new week represents a challenge as to how and where are we going to find a social opportunity and it is starting to worn me out...

Every time I see my daughter playing by herself and wondering around the house saying something to her self, I can't help to wonder if I am doing the right thing. When she was in school, both public and private, she didn't have like a ton of friends, but God always provided at least one little girl that was happy to play and hangout with her. A best friend.

I don't think I would put her in public school. There are way too many issues to avoid doing that but there happens to be a good option for a private and very small Christian school. The cons would be the driving and extra expense, not only in tuition but also uniforms and gasoline. There is also the big question mark of wether or not I would be able to get used to that routine again. Getting up early, the horrible morning rush, the driving... oh and the oh so hated homework. Oh Lord how much do I despise homework! Whoever invented it should be booed forever...

These are all big questions buzzing inside my head but thankfully I have a long time to make a decision and really think about it, if this is the way the Lord is guiding us, we will need him to come up with the financial resources to do it by then. If this his will, He will open the doors the way He always does. If not, I pray that God helps me to be more creative in finding social opportunities for R and that He provides more good friends for her...

The good thing is that if the Private school doesn't work out, we can always go back to home school in a blink of an eye and this time we will know exactly what to do.

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