Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Why did I get rid of my BG 2.0

I got rid of my BG's because:
1- The manufacture says in order to keep the diaper you most not use diaper rash cream. (So its the good of the diaper for the good of the baby's skin?)
2- The manufacture also says you should not wash these microfiber diapers at the same time than your cotton diapers, thus forcing me to wash my diapers separately (two loads instead of one -what a pain-).
3- No matter how snug I adjusted the elastics on the legs they kept leaking on me.
4- Since they are all in ones, they robe me from the joy of using my wool covers... and I found these diapers to be very hot for the summer plus I don't really think they breath at all. My baby's skin was very red and humid when he wore these, unlike fabric+cover systems.

So, good by BG's... I should have read all the comments in the cottonbabies website before buying you... Although people seem to love the 3.0 version, I just do not want to deal with AIO and I don't really like microfiber.

The BG's will be replaced with a variaty of regular fitteds that I will be testing out in the following weeks, some of which I already got on the mail:

1- Velour Organic Cotton GOODMAMAS
2- Velour Organic Cotton SUGAR PLUM.
3- Hemp and Organic Cotton SWEET PEAS
4- Mother Easy SANDY'S
5- Plain old chinese prefolds.

Stay tooned to hear which diaper is the winner...

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