Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dad's socks - Medias para Papi

Started: 9/16/2008
Yarn: Schachenmayer Cotton
I started these socks when my dad was visiting. I measured his foot and started the toe kind of on my own pattern. However, as the toe grew it seemed soo huge, I started fearing I had miscalculated my gauge and my number of stitches, so I frogged it and started all over. This time I am following a top down pattern from Whimsical Knitting. The pattern calls for a size 0 cast on and ribbing. I know by experience that it does not matter how loose you cast on, it is always better to cast on a size bigger needle. At least that is the only way the cuff will be big enough for me, so I casted on a size 5 needle and continue the ribbing in a size 1. This cotton yarn is very fine so I am afraid if I use size 0 I would probably get a gauge of 10 instead of 8.5 which is what I am supposed to end up with. As always I am too lazy to make big swatches, I don't have time for that... so I am doing my best at calculating. If these socks end up too small, I can always keep them for me :-) or give them to a lucky female friend or family member. I love the colorway. Will be perfect to wear with jeans!
Estas medias las empecé cuando mi papá estaba aquí. Le medí el pie y las empecé a cálculo, pero luego me dio miedio por que las vi muy grandes, así que las deshice y empecé de nuevo con un patrón. Espero que queden bien, pero si acaso me salen muy pequeñas siempre se me las puedo dejar yo o dárselas a alguna dama en la familia... Me encantan los colores, son perfectos para usar con jeans!

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