Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin

I usually don't like to post about politics but tonight it is an special occasion. The speech delivered by fellow mother of a special needs child/former beauty queen/basketball star; Sara Palin was outstanding. The ferocious attacks by the liberal media indicate to me their fear, in fact they are furious! And it is understandable why. They thought they had already won the election. That was until tonight. Hold on democrats... not so fast...
While many of us were voting for McCain as the "least of evils", we now feel exited and convicted to cast our vote. I am sure the polls will change drastically after today. Consider that in addition to the regular republican votes, McCain will pick up all the votes from families with special needs children, he already has the votes from the military families (I am sure), and a bunch of soccer/football/hockey moms. What a smart move for McCain!
For the first time in history a president or vice president nominee even mentions the special needs children and their families. I have to admit I cried during this part. Only those who have experienced been ignored and discriminated against by the "system" because of your child's condition, can understand the sense of victory and hope this represents for us.

For ones, a political speech that was heartfelt, for ones a chance to identify with a political leader. For ones, someone who cares about children with special needs and family values... What is not to love about Sarah Palin ???

I must admit also that I had little hope to win this election, but now I am starting to actually believe McCain has a real chance!

Go Palin !!!! I will be praying for her and her family !!!

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