Sunday, June 28, 2009

I need serious help...

I am a very challenged cook. I just hate cooking. Now, for many reasons this is a huge problem, but besides the obvious reasons... when you have a gluten free eater at home, that on the top of that could use to loose some weight... or at least stop gaining weight... the problem becomes even more difficult. Oh and did I mention this same member of the family is super picky! Yeah, to make things even harder.

I have gotten to the conclusion that I need to take on this issue as a job, since it is not about fun for me. I have to tackle the pickiness, the allergies and the weight management. It would take more than a good chef to tackle all of these issues, it would take serious organization, planning and lots of help.

After browsing through tons of cooking books, these two were my selection:

These two books are a perfect combination, the Stella book actually has tons of gluten free recipes because he avoids using wheat flour, and his cooking is low calorie and low fat, and the Sneaky Chef has several pre-made purees that you can freeze until needed which is another great idea for me since I am always in need for quick meals. I am still reading The Sneaky Chef. It is more than a cooking book. It has a few chapter on the philosophy of the book. It is actually very interesting. I am yet to order the Stella book. But I will next week. I am also using several good websites. Then I need to sit down, and start figuring out some menus and then the shopping list. Huff! I wish I liked cooking... at least a little bit.


Martha said...

Hey, we need to start eating healthier so if you find any GOOD recipes.. share some :) I need all the help that I can get!!

P.S. I know how you feel, it was very hard to cook meals for my husband when he was doing a low-carb diet.. so complicated indeed!

Marlene said...

I will Martha... Thanks!