Friday, February 01, 2008

Desing challenge...

Here is a good challenge for HGTV designers... By the way I try to contact someone on those shows but it does not look like anybody comes to this side of planet earth... So, I am going to have to figure it out all by myself. This is my current office. It is inside my bedroom, in a nook. Now, this is the perfect spot for the nursery right now. So the design challenge will be to reorganize my bedroom and move the office somewhere else, so I can put together the crib in this area. It is going to be hard and I honestly have no idea how that is going to work but I really need to start working on it. For now, I figure that if I remove everything that is in there (including the books) I can create a perfect space for baby. Stay tunned for upgrades in the nursery design project.

Esta es mi oficinita que está ubicada dentro de mi cuarto. No se como voy a hacer pero esta área es perfecta para acomodar la cunita del bebé. Para hacerlo tendría que mover mi escritorio para otra parte. El único problema es que mi conexión de internet está justo en esa pared, así que mover el escritorio va a ser un problema... Veremos que pasa...Tengo algunas ideas que creo que pueden funcionar.

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