Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'm still here...

One more day and I am still here. The contractions are almost gone. I have been very active, I went to the store and stuff but still nothing, except for an increase in the preasure over my perineum area which probably means I am slowly stretching.

I got some diapers that I ordered online on Ebay. They look very purple for a boy, but they look great as far as functionality. They are All-in-ones meaning diaper, doubler and cover all together. This do not need a cover. Brand name AIO's are over $20 , this ones where only $8 each including shiping which is a great price. I can't wait to try them. They have velcro and they are super easy to put on and the insert is so so soft. If they work OK I am buying more!

The only downside is that they are fully water proof which means I won't know when the baby is wet unless I stick my hand inside the AIO, unlike contour diapers that need a wool cover but will allow me to know right away when the baby is wet. A good contour diaper is $5.99, so there is only a $2 difference with this AIOs.

This is the Ebay seller I got the AIO's from:

These are the AIO diapers: They actually look exactly like a disposable diaper when they are open. you just close them with the velcro at the front just like you would do with a regular disposable.

I also bought contour diapers and covers from the brand KISSALUVS. I don't know why did I choose this brand, I guess because it has the same quality of other more expensive brands at a better price. Their AIOs look beautiful!!!! but I don't think I can afford them right now. I got hem here. I love this online store because the prices are good and the shipping is only $5 or free for orders over $100.

I got both fitted diapers ($11.59) which are this:

And contour ($5.99) diapers which are this:

Both of which require a cover. The AIO from Ebay will complement my collection and I inted to use them more for going out or for exclusive use of daddy. LOL

As a tip, I will tell you that I found this webpage that tells you how to make contour diapers out of a prefolded diaper. If you have sewing machine, this is a piece of cake and will save you tons of money. Prefolded diapers are only $1 or $2 each and they can be sewn and cut into contours that would normally cost $5.99 each. I am seriously considering buying a sewing machine after I saw this online:

Bueno, un día más y todavía estoy aquí. Las contracciones se calmaron casi por completo aunque he estado muy activa. Aquí hay unas fotos de los pañales que he comprado. Son preciosos! es increíble las cosas que se consiguen hoy en día. Nisiquiera hay que doblarlos, unos ya vienen con la forma y solo se pone la gasilla, otros traen broches y elástico en las piernas y los más bonitos pero también más caros traen todo en uno, el pañal, refuerzo en el centro y cubierta impermeable además se cierran al frente con velcro, son exactamente como los desechables pero se pueden lavar. También encontré un lugar en el internet que explica como hacer los pañales con la forma utilizando pañales corrientes de gaza con una máquina de coser. De hecho estoy pensando seriamente en comprarme una... lástima que no estoy en CR porque yo se quien me hubiera ayudado con este proyecto... (comienza con L... JA JA)

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Amanda said...

Congratulations, Marlene! I was wondering if you'd be interested in any secondhand diapers and/or wool covers. I have no one else to pass them on to! If you're interested, I'll look at my stuff and let you know exactly what I have. Also, my friend Emily makes AIOs locally --

Amanda from BHL