Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

A couple weeks ago was my birthday. I turned 40. It was special just because a new decade kind of marks a new stage, doesn't it? We went out to eat to celebrate. As every Friday in "getting a little crowded here" city, all restaurants were packed. I wanted to eat at Olive Garden but the wait was about an hour... "no thanks!". We ended up eating at Mimi's Cafe and Ian cried the whole time we were there. No one was able to order what they wanted, except maybe Rachel. James ended up liking his clam showder and I took must of my pasta home for James to eat later, but the most important thing is that we were together and having my family was all the party I needed to have. James got me flowers and balloons and a special present that I have not received yet. He says it is in the mail... I wonder what it could be...   

Hace un par de semanas fue mi cumpleanos. Fue especial porque cumpli 40. Cada vez que se cambia de decada representa como una nueva etapa, verdad? James me regalo este arreglo de flores y fuimos a comer afuera. Es dificil aqui donde vivo porque los fines de semana todos los restaurantes estan saturados, pero por fin encontramos un lugar y aunque no era lo que queriamos comer e Ian lloro todo el rato, la pasamos bien, estar con mi familia es el mejor regalo que podia tener.

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