Monday, November 24, 2008

If you are planning to buy a BUXTON bag... don't!

If you are planning to buy a Buxton Bag... let me discourage you... when the bag is heavy it causes the stuff in the outer compartment to overflow and your things get out of the bag, the outer zipper in the back is upside down also causing your stuff to fall down if you forget to zip it. The only thing I really loved about this bag is the cell phone pouch
 which is very useful but the other issues make it a bad purchase in my opinion. The material is thin, it does not feel like leather at all, more like a plastic, it is got to be an imitation of leather. Mine got stained with some yellow paint from the Winnie the Pooh window shadow during the summer and to be honest I don't even care because I am getting rid of it anyways. This bag is driving me crazy... I can't believe I paid $40 plus shipping for this!

Yesterday I got this one at Kolhs to replace it, I love it! and unlike the Buxton bag this is genuine leather and only cost $20 on sale!

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