Friday, July 04, 2008

Bum Genius & soaker update

Ian just outgrew our set of 10 contour Kissaluvs. The maker says that the small size goes up to 20 pounds. No way Jose... At 15 pounds it looked like a thong on my baby! I decided to try some all in ones to replace these, so I went for the Bum Genius 2.0. I read a review from someone complaining about the one size 3.0 saying that it did not fit well on her small baby even though the baby was already 15 pounds, so I didn't want to spend so much money in the 3.0 just to be dissapointed. I decided to get 6 2.0 to try them out. Ian wanted to test them right away so he pooped on it as soon as I put it on. It seemed to hold the poop really well. This diapers are so cute, I am afraid I will turn into a diaper snob... Of course they are so pricey I might have to complement with some prefolds... as now I am officially broke. I still have my 8 Mother Easy which I like very much except that I discovered that they do stain in the outside when the poop is a lot. So, the protecting mesh works for the inside but does not protect the outside from getting stained. The other issue is I have to get Ian a size bigger of clothes when he wears the Mother Easy as they are very bulky and do not fit in his regular size clothes. (he is wearing 3-6 m). The Bum Genius 2.0 are great as they are not bulky but I read reviews saying the 3.0 version has the same bulkiness problem. Like I said before if you want a diaper that can fit a 2 year old, you can't expect it not to be bulky on a 2 month old. Right? It is a matter of sacrifices.

Here is the soaker that I am making. I am a bit disappointed with the results. Turns out that the side of the beginning of row ends up in the front, which is very inconvenient for the stripping I was doing. You can see the holes where the marker was and the start of row in the first 3 blue lines. This bothers me a lot. There is no way to hide this issue with the stripes and I did not even think about it when I decided on the colors. [mad face] Anyways, it is too late to look back so I think I'll just finish it.

En la primera foto se ve Ian con los pañales nuevos que le compré. Son supuestamente los mejores. Son igual que un pañal desechable y no requieren cubierta o calzón plástico. Están líndisimos y tengo miedo que ya ahora me acostumbre a lo caro, solo quiera usar de estos. Oh Oh... También aquí está la cubierta de lana que estoy tejiendo. Me da cólera de que la marca de inicio de fila quedó al puro frente del calzón y se nota! Qué chicha! Esto siempre pasa cuando uno teje rallas pero no pensé que me quedaría al frente! Sin embargo ya voy muy adelantada así que voy a terminarlo. No lo pienso deshacer.

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