Monday, June 30, 2008

Interesting sock book

I wonder if anybody has come across a book called "Crazy toes and Heals" I was reading about it in a Yahoo Group and then went to check out the author's webpage and it sounds great. I am very tempted to buy it. It is a self published book.

From the website:
  • Here are some features of Crazy Toes & Heels toe-up version...
    The toe is nice and round... no "points".
  • The toe-up sock pattern uses a technique to create immediate increases to get this look.
  • No heel flap to knit...
  • no gusset stitches to "pick up". You build a "gusset" then turn the heel. You are then to the ankle of your sock. Pattern includes a "slip-stitch" heel for durability, or a plain stockinet stitch heel.
  • If working on two circular needles, you can try the sock on for fit at any time.
  • Working two socks at the same time, you can wear them the instant they are done... no waiting to finish the second sock! (Or never finishing the second sock!)
  • Detailed, and I MEAN detailed, instructions guide you through knitting your socks on two circular needles from toe-to-cuff, or cuff-to-toe!

Since I have not been sucessful in learning how to knit socks on circular, this seems like the right book for me... I can't wait to get it!

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