Monday, June 16, 2008

I got new diapers!

I was so eager to receive an order from Mother-Easy diapers... and finally I got them. These are one size diapers so they are really big of course they can be folded and set for small size (which is what we need now), but they are very bulky for a small baby. The fabric is different than the Kissaluvs that I love, it is more like a towel on the outside and a mesh fabric in the inside, which I think contributes the bulkiness, of course they absorb a lot which is the purpose of using this type of fabric, which by the way have an incredible washing capability as these diapers do not get stain like my Kissaluvs. They can go from the washer to the dryer, no need to sun them out for the most part, unless the diaper was too heavely soiled.

They have their regular one size diaper for $11 which is a good price (same as a fitted kissaluv) but I got the Stay Dry One Size Diaper thinking it would hold more liquid but now I realize it has a mesh fabric in the inside which they claim keeps the baby feeling dry as it separates the skin from the damped fabric and also prevents stains. This are more expensive ($14 each). Now I don't know if Ian feels dry even when he is soaked, but the part about the stains is TRUE! and this is a big plus for me as it really saves time not having to sun the diapers. It was a hard decision to switch brands because I do love my fitted Kissaluvs but as Ian outgrew the size 0, I realized I couln't afford buying new diapers every time he gained a few pounds, so I decided I needed to look into one size diapers. Now, Mother-Easy also carries the Sandy fitted diaper that looks very cute and it comes in two sizes; Small and Large, since the sizing range is wider I might endulge myself with a couple of these and a couple of their AIO'S to try them out. They have a separate Sandy for newborns and a Sandy for toddlers.

Due to the bulk, I am going to need bigger covers as well. I will probably order them from them since their Air Flow covers are my favorites. That is the whole reason I purchased their diapers in the first place. I figured if I love their covers, their diapers most be great too. And they are, if you don't mind the bulk like I said. Now they make the covers with beautiful prints on ecological themes. No other cover is 100% leak proof, as far as the ones I have tried. These are just the best, and the good part is that it does allow the flow or air like its name says.

There is never going to be a perfect diaper, you have to sacrifice fitting for investment protection, and putting up with the bulk if you want to save money in the long run. So far, this are my two cents regarding Mother-Easy Stay Dry One size diapers, I can't wait to try their other diapers. I will keep you posted of my opinion as I get to use these more. Here is a picture of how they look on Ian at 7 weeks (12 pounds):

Este es Ian con los pañales nuevos que le compramos, son excelentes porque se ajustan a diferentes tamaños. Se prensan con broches entonces no requieren gazilla. También me encanta el hecho de que no se manchan debido a una tela especial que tienen por dentro.

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