Saturday, June 07, 2008

A prayer for all babies...

As I breastfeed my baby and I look at him, so incredibly innocent and helpless, makes me think of all the abused babies in the world. I have seen videos of people shaking babies, slapping babies in their little faces, etc. Most of the abuse is neglect, they are left alone crying for hours, thrown around, etc. And what about the unborn babies? There is no difference, inside or outside the womb, it is the same baby. What makes people think that because they can't see the baby, it is OK to make it go away with a medical procedure? What kind of world do we live in? and What kind of society prosecutes the same "violent action" as a crime only if the baby is out of the womb. It's the same baby. The same innocent creature, there is no difference. So join me today in praying for all of those babies whose mothers are considering abortion right this minute, join me to pray for all of those neglected and abused little ones who are helpless at the mercy of their parents even though they did not ask to be brought to this world. May God send angels to protect them and have mercy of their innocent little souls. Please take a minute now to pray for all suffering babies of the world.

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