Thursday, February 26, 2009


Last Saturday I went with R to the movies to watch Coraline. I was curious to watch it because of the "knitting" content of the movie. The sweaters Coraline wears in the movie are actual miniature sweaters created by a miniature sweater designer/artist . (open the upper drawer of the dresser to watch how she makes the tiny sweaters).

The movie is cute but it has some weird stuff in it and definitively some anti-christian concepts such as the "soul of children" been confined in a parallel world because the witch took the children's eyes? Weird... The witch looks to the outside world through the eyes of a doll that looks just like the girl she is planning to kidnap. Any girl would carry a doll of herself everywhere right? That is the trick. Through the doll the witch can sneak at the girl's life and if she seems unhappy she becomes the perfect prey. She would build a parallel world were everything is happy just the way the girl wants it. Then she asks the girl to voluntary sew buttons in place of her eyes so she can stay in the other world forever. I take it that this is how the kids that are trapped actually died... I don't know. I give the movie a C- maybe a C+. It could have been at least a B+ if the plot made more sense. There is also an scene were the two fat ladies perform an act practically naked, I thought this scene was not very tasteful considering the audience of the movie and also unnecessary. 

Anyways, the pattern for the stars sweater is available in the Coraline website. I offered R to make one for her but she wanted me to make a doll of her instead. Which is also a little creepy to me specially in the context of the movie, but I said OK just because I can make a doll out of that context right? and R just wanted to have a doll like herself which is the concept of the American Girl doll, so why not? I had purchased the materials to make the Lula doll from the Lucinda Guy Book "And so to bed" which is one of my favorite knitting books. So I am using her pattern and using the materials I had, really I am just making the Lula doll with brown hair... LOL. It is an incredible fast and fun project and I can't wait to finish it. Except that I am supposed to finish a sock for my sock class on Sunday... So, I had to negotiate with R to let me knit on my sock as well. She is very exited about getting her doll done. 

Here is a random picture of the handsomest boys in the neighborhood. Just because.

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