Friday, February 13, 2009

Little things that make me happy...

A pajama sale at the Children's Place. These were only $3,99 each! 

A boric acid free contact lenses multipurpose formula. Which I had been looking for for months. Boric acid, aluminum and thimerosal (mercury) are things they put in stuff as preservative but are toxic for humans. I have started using my contacts more because Ian keeps taking off my glasses but I did not want to put boric acid preserved liquid in my eyes. When I went to see my eye doctor last month she gave a sample of this one. To my surprised it was boric acid free! 

I have also tried different natural moisturizers. I constantly scratch my nose because of my allergies and that area is extremely dry. I have tried many natural moisturizers, some very expensive, but only this one penetrates and hydrates my skin even in my really dry nose. I use it all over my body. It is called Miracle II. Here in town I can only find it at the Apple Tree. They also have the Miracle water which is great to stabilize your body's PH. This bottle is only $12 or so. It lasts a long time if you save it only for your face.

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