Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lula is almost ready... / Ya casi está lista Lula

I am so socked that R is loving this doll so much. She helped me stuff it and now I am working on her underwear. As soon as I wake up, R comes and ask me to start working on the doll project. Wow! talking about pressure... Kids really know how to bug you when they want something... On the other hand I love the fact that she is so exited. It is so nice to work when you know you have such an enthusiastic recipient.

No puedo creer que R esté tan emocionada con esta muñeca. Ella me ayudó a rellenarla y no me deja en paz para que la termine. Que jefa mas exigente! Por otro lado me gusta que esté tan emocionada porque me motiva a terminarle su muñeca.

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