Monday, March 09, 2009

What a week!

We were all sick at home this past week, we are still getting over it. My husband stayed home several days. When you home school your kids are kind of protected from the "school plagues" as children recycle viruses over and over... Except that when daddy is a teacher that advantage kind of goes away... He becomes the virus spy infiltrating our holly home school environment... oh well, there is not much we can do about that so we try to handle it the best we can, usually we take turns getting sick so that helps. The bad thing is that last week we were all sick at the same time and it was hard to get a brake, we needed to take care of each other and the children. Oh my! there is only one thing worst that having a nursing baby unable to feed with a stuffy nose and that is, having to take care of a sick baby when you are really sick yourself! Not fun!

The top picture is a plate of chicken soup I made today. I love to put avocado in my soup. I just love avocados. I would eat them every day if they weren't so expensive... This is one of those flavors combinations I learned growing up and I crave it so much, my dad used to put avocado in his soup and that is how I started doing it. I love to put it in my hot soup right before starting to eat. The cold avocado and its texture creates a great contracts in your mouth with the hot soup. Another estrange flavor combination I love is to put black beans in my spaghetti. This is also a growing up thing as we eat rice, black beans and spaghetti together in my country.
Another weird combination that I love is to put fruit in my salad, I learned this here when I saw people putting cranberries and nuts in their salad. I however, took it a step further and tried oranges, peaches, strawberries and nectarines. I really love the sweet and sour result in my mouth. What do you eat that you think might be gross or estrange to others?

Me encanta ponerle aguacate a la sopa (eso lo aprendí de mi papá), también el sabor de los frijoles negros con spagetti, (herencia del casado tico), y aquí en los Estados Unidos aprendí a ponerle pasas a la ensalada, incluso he probado poner gajos de naranja, nectarinas y melocotones frescos en pedacitos, sabe riquísimo! Qué cosas te gusta comer que crees que le parescan raras o asquerosas a otros?

Here is my crawling handsome little guy exploring around the house. 

Aquí está mi guapo bebé gateando y esplorando por toda la casa ya casi cumple 11 meses. No lo puedo creer!

Here is my sock progress, my dad's socks are coming along and it looks like I might be able to finish them soon. I am a little surprised of how much yarn I still have. I hope I don't have too much left over because I made the leg really short out of fear of running out.

Aquí están las medias de papi. Parece que al fin las voy a terminar...

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