Sunday, May 03, 2009

Cloth diaper review by Marlene

(left to right: Sugar Plum, Good Mama, ME Sandy, MEOS - Mother Easy One Size)

I have a small stash of diapers (only 16). I wash them every day. It doesn't bother me to do so, because I don't like to have too many dirty diapers accumulated anyways. I have tried several brands of diapers, not all of course because nowadays there are so many... but I wanted to review the ones I have tried.

KISSALUVS: This are the best fitted diapers for newborns in the size 0. However, I did not like the low rise fit when the baby gets bigger (size 1 and 2), also I the fabric gets soaked really fast. I had several of these in size 1 and got rid of them.
BUMGENIUS: I got the 2.0 version and did not like that they laundry directions were very different from my fitted diapers and I had to wash them separately. Plus they kept leaking on me, maybe in part because I do use diaper rash cream and they say you can't use diaper rash cream with these... I thought that was crazy, my baby's skin is more important to me than the diaper... so yeah, I am going to use diaper rash cream! Also I found it very annoying to have to velcro them in the back one by one when there were going be washed to avoid the velcro from sticking to the material. What a pain. I don't have time for that. However, a lot of people love these diapers in big part because they are cute looking and they don't need a cover, that is, they are all-in-one diapers. Also, did I mention these diapers leaked like crazy, oh yeah I did... and these were the bulkiest of all. 

SUGAR PLUM: These are velour diapers, I got them because I felt in love with the Good Mamas but wanted to try a less expensive velour diaper. This ones are only $19 or so. The material is stiffer and thicker than the Good Mamas, but they absorb a lot! I love them. The only flaw is the elastic. I have two of these and the elastic gave up on both diapers after a few months of use, on the back and on the legs. However, they are still going strong. They are not one size, but mine are large and they have lasted for a long time. 

ONE SIZE MOTHER EASY: I have 8 of these, they are good diapers, I like the fact that they don't stained as much if you get the ones with the liner. They were OK for a while but when my son got older he started to soak them too fast so I added an organic cotton insert. They work fine now and I like the fact that they are one size so my son can grow into them. 

MOTHER EASY SANDYS: I like the material better than the OSME, these have more material, I use the insert from ME and they absorb more than the other ones. However, this are not one size. But is OK because it has two snaps placement and I like that I can adjust the leg as well.

GOOD MAMAs: This is one the most expensive diaper there is but they are worth it, specially if you plan to use the diaper with several children. They are one size so they go from birth to toddler. the material is very soft and absorbent. This is the only one that can manage to be called a night diaper. However, they are very bulky.

CHINESE PREFOLDS: I wish I had tried them at first. I got chinese prefolds after all of the other diapers. The only flaw is that you need to wash them like a hundred times for them to get nice and fluffy. Biggest advantage of these diapers is that THEY ARE NOT BULKY so you don't have to go a size bigger on the clothing to accommodate the diaper space. They are the most absorbent of all. In fact, these are the only ones I use at night, I put two together and they can go all night for up to 10 hours, of course the night set up is very bulky but I don't care. I do buy big PJ's. During the day I like to use them when I want the clothing to fit nice and slim. 



C H I N E S E   P R E F O L D S (not in picture) + Snappi 

They are super cheap, so you won't worry to get them stained, they do their job better than any other diaper and... they are slim! They are the winners!!!

My favorite cover is: MOTHER EASY Airflow, never got a leak with this, ever!!!! and of course wool covers. 

How do I make my diaper lotion? I use burp clothes instead of disposable wipes. I make my diaper lotion to spray on them using water, a drizzle of Pure Castle Soap from Trader Joe's and a few drops of Pure Tea Tree Oil. Both are very antiseptic and the tea tree oil give is a great smell. I love this lotion and I even use it as a hand sanitizer instead of the alcohol gel. 

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