Monday, May 11, 2009

First Fleece Soaker

Actually, the first fleece soaker that I made didn't come out right. I didn't read the directions and I cut the fabric wrong. The fleece fabric only stretches one way and if you cut it wrong it won't stretch.

This is my second attempt, also made some mistakes but it is still wearable. At lest I got a lot of this fabric so I a going to try again.  I am a little afraid because I am not very good at sewing so part of it is getting good at sewing first, or in the process. I love this fleece soaker and I can't wait to make more...

Este pantaloncito de flanela se lo hice a Ian como covertura del pañal, es el primero que hago con la máquina de coser. Apenas estoy aprendiendo entonces heché a perder 2. Por lo menos compré bastante tela... No son difíciles de hacer, lo que pasa es que soy muy chapa con la máquina de coser... Lucre !!!!!!!!! ayuda !!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my word, what a cute little baby! Can I take him, please please? LOL

P.S. You did fabulous work :o) and I hope you had a great Mother's Day!